Order a website

Your role

Why do I ask to prepare a few things? Because today the site - it's part of the business, open your clients and customers. And in order to do their job well, I need your help. Nobody understands better than you in your business.

List of pages

Before you order a website, make a list of sections (usually the list of services or categories of goods). It will help you to organize the preparation of texts and pictures, and I want this list to calculate the cost.


Prepare texts and images for the site in accordance with a list of sections. For each partition, create a folder with files. The text for each service (or product category) make up is very simple. For the most part these are the words that you repeat on a daily basis to their clients and customers. Just write them to a text file.


Website domain can be associated with the name of your company or type of activity. Check available options can be on registrar site. Order domain for a site, you can own or entrust it to me, the price will be the same.


To select a design for the site, will have to spend some time. If you do it once, you tell me your preference, I will pick up some of the most suitable options, and you will take the final decision.


How much is to order a website? It depends on the configuration (set of functions / features). To find out the price, let's look at a few of the standard options:

Site card Online shop Site travel agencies