Generation of static pages

As with any content management system, CMS Branch includes modules to manage catalogs, to send messages, registration, newsletter and other interactive features.

However, in contrast to other control systems, CMS Branch generates most of the pages in advance. Pages are stored on a Web server in a static (HTML) form. When visitors come to your site, the database references the data does not occur. A real page address reflects its actual position in the hierarchy of sections of the site (some call it the acronym CNC, "chelovekoponyatny URL»).

In fact, CMS Branch - is a generator of static pages on the site, plus settings and content management via a web interface.

Disadvantages of such a system:

  • instead of the filter (as in "sockets") - the category of goods
  • lack of a visual editor (his role is greatly exaggerated)


  • the maximum speed of the site (because there is no database calls)
  • the ability to withstand a lot of visitors at the same time
  • low demands on server resources
  • NC real all pages ("chelovekoponyatny URL»)
  • redirect addresses without a slash to the address with a slash at the end of the URL at the level of the Apache Web Server
  • no duplicates of pages (technically, this situation is simply impossible) good indexing in search engines

This approach to manufacturing sites officially approved by the Google search engine:

... Some webmasters convert dynamic pages into static. Google approves of this practice ... ...

Quote from the article Search Engine Optimization Guide for Beginners from Google (Section "Improving the site structure" on page 8 - PDF-File Opens in a new window).

On what platform is created site

When designing any website used:

  • OS UNIX / Linux
  • Apache web server
  • MySQL database
  • Perl programming language
  • Ready design in format HTML + CSS (changing - as agreed)
  • CMS Branch management system + add-ons

CMS Branch Management System

Content management system includes a kernel (the designer partitions hierarchy) and connected software modules.

  • The hierarchy of pages (kernel, the main panel)
  • Editor HTML-templates
  • Page Editor HTML-code (without the visual editor)
  • Product modules (products, news, gallery, articles) and Shopping
  • Module Tours (country, city hotels)
  • Module FAQ
  • Module Feedback Form
  • Units and Subscription Newsletter
  • Modules Register and Log in
  • Voting module (polls)
  • Site Map Module

Screenshot of CMS Branch Control Panel.

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