Cost of

 Design Туры (цены) Поиск Цена, грн
 Free Design + - 4000
 Free Design + + 4800
 Design 70$ + - 6000
 Design 70$ + + 6800

The shown are minimum prices in national currency. For an accurate calculation of the cost I need a list of your pages.

Why to book better here

  • More than 12,000 designs (including 2500 adaptive variants)
  • Avalanche - Certified Partner Template-Monster
  • Static pages technology approved by the search engine Google
  • The maximum speed of the site *
  • Maximum reliability Site *
  • Experience gained since 1998

* Speed ​​and reliability are obtained by the use of CMS Branch management system that generates static pages (CMS and modules developed by our team of programmers).

Online Business Card is fully transferred to your property. You can then customize Google contextual advertising in order to attract buyers.

Support site

The first year of hosting is already included in the cost of a site. Look at the price of hosting, domain registration and site maintenance conditions.


In the future, business card site allows you to connect an additional:

  • Module product catalog, news, projects, photos
  • News subscriptions and distribution modules
  • Module travel deals
  • Q & A Module
  • Polls module
  • Module for sending a message
  • Payment Module (Privatbank, Ukreximbank, Raiffeisen Aval)

In addition, I can develop a software module to suit your needs.

Operating procedure

  • The cost of the coordination
  • Selection and approval of design changes
  • Domain selection
  • Word processing
  • Prepayment (typically 50% of the cost) site development
  • The launch site, the final settlement

Where to begin

Try to choose a design for the site. Hard to decide? Tell us about your preferences, I will prepare several options. It's free to anything you do not oblige.

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