What are the advantages?

  • accommodation on the 1st page of search results for a day
  • paid only real referrals to your site
  • optimizing the cost of the interested visitor

What are the disadvantages?

  • coverage of only the audience that has internet


 The advertising budget Commission
for the management
1800 UAH 17% (300 UAH)
3600 UAH 14% (500 UAH)
5400 UAH 13% (700 UAH)
7200 UAH 11% (800 UAH)
> 10000 UAH 10%

The advertising budget - is the amount that you entrust the management to me (in the table amounts are excluding taxes).

For example, the budget of the advertising campaign - 1800 UAH. As indicated in the table above, 300 hryvnia deducted for the services of advertising management and 1,500 hryvnia will be spent on advertising clicks (control and reports, see below).

Money spent as clicks on your ad. The price per click depends on the number of people willing to show ads on the same subject. Usually, the price per click (click) is in the range from 1 to 5 hryvnia.

Monitoring results

Technically, there are two possible ways to organize an advertising campaign in Google advords.

Method 1: Through its Center for Customer advords I run an advertising campaign in your account. To gain access to the management I will need your account number - it is listed in the upper right corner. I will send you a request from Customer Center, then at the menu "Settings / Account Access" you confirm the request.

Method 2: If you do not have an account advords, I will manage advertising campaigns directly from your account. After the completion of each stage of the campaign you get a financial report. The report will indicate how many people are attracted to the site, they came for some phrases, and how much it cost one interested visitor.

How to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

After launching a new advertising campaign in Google advords begins automatic data collection. To the benefit of using these data, it is necessary to set up monitoring of conversions. To this end all contact information (telephone, email, address, etc.) are placed only on one page (usually the page "Contact Us" page and sending feedback forms). At only buttons are the other pages of the website "Order", "Contacts", "Buy", etc. (Instead of telephone numbers). The page with contacts installed Google advords code to track conversions.

This makes it possible to identify search phrases that bring the highest percentage of the target audience. After this phrase with a low effectiveness or receive a lower priority, if any, are excluded from the campaign.

Still have questions? Contact me via the "Contacts" page.