Website optimization

Website development is carried out on the technology, which takes into account the requirements of search engines. The cost of the initial optimization is already included in the price of the building site. What is included in the initial optimization of the site:

  • Generation of static pages
  • Match page address its actual location (CNC)
  • Setting header (title) pages
  • Setting the meta description (meta-description) of pages (except for product range)
  • Making robots.txt and sitemap.xml files (except variant Landing-Page)
  • Connecting attendance accounting system Google Analytics

How to promote your site on the first page of Google search results? Unfortunately, there is no universal recipe. No one can guarantee you a promotion for any amount or time. It's a long unpredictable process, which can last for many months. If you need a quick and guaranteed results, use contextual advertising on Google Adwords.

To promote the site, I will give their recommendations for your particular case and do their part when it is needed. But I can not guarantee that any search phrase your site will be on the first page of search results. The meaning of the optimization is to improve the site for your customers and clients, but not in the tricks to deceive the search engine.

With these improvements you have to deal with constantly, because today the site - it's part of the business, which is seeing your clients and customers. Improved or created on the site something useful for your visitors - means improved their service.

What can you do after launching the site?

  • Read Google recommendations (chapter "Sites with the AJAX" can skip)
  • Just think, how to make the site useful for the target audience
  • Implement its plans change
  • To draw attention to the site through a press release online media or social networks

I will help you to implement his plan and prepare the deployment of the article or press release to the popular and niche sites. However, no one is better you do not know your clients and customers, so your cooperation and participation - mandatory.

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