My name is Alex, have been developing websites since 1998, and advertising in Google Adwords - since 2010. I will try to understand what you need. Accordingly, embodiments of the offer, calculate the cost and pick up design options.


More than 12,000 designs

Google approves conversion of dynamic to static pages on the site, as this increases the speed of the site. The CMS Branch management system implemented just such a method.

Static pages Technology

Web Studio Avalanche - a certified partner of TemplateMonster (USA), the largest supplier of the finished web design. You can choose the design of the site before the work, and it does not require pre-payment.

The experience gained since 1998

Experience allows you to look at the situation more. Understand the challenges faced on a daily basis the customer site, warn against mistakes, to make recommendations. And, of course, solve the problem by means of internet technology.


Web Studio Avalanche offers practical solutions without popular brands. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness - this combination will not give any wordpress or openkart nor many other widely known system. Why? The answer is simple: the generation of static pages.