What are the options

Online designers used to create a free website. There are a number of similar services: Wix, Yandex, Jimdo, uCoz, Google Sites, and many others. I recommend using Google Sites

What good service Google Sites

1) the reliability of the world's largest companies

2) integration with Google services (Docs, Calendar, Maps, etc.)

3) the site will be adapted for mobile devices

4) placement on foreign servers

5) no outside advertising on the site

How to create a website on Google

1) If you do not have a mailbox at, register. Remember or write down your email and password

2) Now go here - Google Sites (you can use either the old interface or to switch immediately to the next).

3) Click the red "New" button (in the new interface round button with the plus sign at the bottom right).

4) Select the template name and location of the site (in the new interface at the top right, click "Themes" and select a template, eg "Aristotle").

5) confirm again by pressing the "Start" (at the top of the new interface, click the "Publish" button, enter the location, such as "mycompany", and press again the "Publish" button).

As you can see, it is not too difficult. Note that the old interface in a few years will be turned off, so it is better to get used to the new.

To make changes at the bottom, click "Login" link (to the new interface at the bottom right, click the round button with a picture of a pencil). Then you have to open the document and learn how to make further changes. Reference Information:

New Interface -

the old interface -

So you have made the first steps. Designer-Google Sites allows you to not pay the subscription fee for the use, in contrast to some other services. If you want to decorate in their own background or elements of the site, will be useful presets color palette.

Binding domain to Google Sites

Sooner or later you will want to have your site had its own domain (eg, To the untrained human domain binding to a free website - the most complicated procedure.

What I propose: set up your domain so it shows your site.

How much does it cost? 400 hryvnia .

What to you need: access to the domain control panel.

You can assign a domain to Google sites on their own, read the instructions how to do it.

If a domain yet, and you want to charge it to me, it will be added to the total cost of the domain. Prices for a domain can be viewed here -

The site is ready? I help set up Google ads in order to attract people to your site.


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